International Day Against Gender Based Violence

Zaterdag 27 november (15.00u-17.00u (online via Zoom)), aanmelden: vóór 25 november

gender violence storyIn 1981, women's rights activists set November 25 as the International Day Against Gender Based Violence. Despite the hard work done for women's (and LGBTQ+ people's) rights since this date, gender based violence (GBV), remains a large worldwide problem. And, as many feminists and the UN Commission on the Status of Women have indicated, violence against women and gender-non-conforming people has actually increased in the world during the pandemic. That is why giving attention to the International Day Against Gender Based Violence remains so important!

For the Grail, as an international women's movement that operates locally, GBV is an important point on the agenda. Therefore, for this year's International Day Against Gender Based Violence, we want to present a selection of three projects against GBV run by Grail women and women affiliated with the Grail in different countries: Mozambique, Ecuador and the Netherlands.

We will hear testimonies from Mozambique from Fuvia Muiambo on their girl’s rights projects, for Ecuador two women who run Alternatives to Violence Project with Indigenous Kichwa women in the Andean Highlands and for the Netherlands, Maria Platteeuw will speak about GBV within her work with (former) sex workers and victims of human trafficking within the local organisation Belle.

*Since this activity has international speakers, the activity will be held in English, with possibly (simultaneous) translations from Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Begeleiding: Maria Platteeuw, m.m.v. diverse internationale Graalvrouwen
Data: zaterdag 27 november
Tijd: 15.00u-17.00u
online via Zoom, voertaal is Engels
vrije bijdrage
graag vóór 25 november, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.